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Photo d'une entrevue faite avec un groupe d'aînés en CHSLD pour le projet Mémoire à l'oreille


Thinking outside the box and beyond

Since we started, Culture for Seniors has been accompanied by researchers specializing in health and social and cultural innovation. With their help, we’re charting new paths that lead to bold and enriching projects and new knowledge.

Discover some of our initiatives:


Words of Wisdom videos

Highlighting the words of seniors and sharing their life stories are the goals of this video series, Words of Wisdom, a coup de cœur project that turns ageism on its head with a positive and refreshing vision.


CHSLD audio creation

Can we improve the quality of life of people living in CHSLDs by playing specially created audio works? That’s the hope of the Heard Memories project team.


Dance & poetry

Led by artist Emmanuelle Calvé, Raconte-moi en corps Saint-Camille seeks to celebrate the lives of seniors in the heart of their village. This research and creative project pays tribute to them and let’s them enjoy a moment of connection and poetry.

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