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Participants dansant dans un atelier du projet Racontes-moi en corps Saint-Camille

Raconte-moi en corps Saint-Camille!

A project for creativity and research

Here, art meets the health and well-being of seniors. In this magnificent intergenerational project, the artist and choreographer Emmanuelle Calvé pays tribute to and celebrates the lives of seniors by having them experience a powerful moment of poetry and bodily connection.


Individual meetings

The artist sought out each senior. A bond of trust was established through talk of their experiences and memories but also perception of their bodies today.

Out of that trust was born the inspiration for creative workshops.


Creative group workshops

Through several group sessions, seniors accompanied by the artist created a collective work that includes the participation of children from the village. Their stories and savoir-faire are highlighted.


Poetic extensions that amplify their movements were created in cooperation with three artists from the region.


Presentation of the fruit of the artist's research to the community

Children joined the project through an extracurricular school activity. At five gatherings, they were invited to join in the seniors’ work by dancing and manipulating the extensions.


The whole work will be presented publicly to the community during an outdoor performance.

Photo d'Emmanuelle Calvé

Emmanuelle Calvé

Emmanuelle is interested as a choreographer and researcher in bringing out people’s internal poetry, particularly in children and seniors, through dance, visual arts, puppetry, and Qigong, which she has been practising for more than 20 years.


Want to join in?

This project is now on its way to other villages to continue the process. 


Would you like to take part? Contact Emmanuelle to discuss the possibilities.

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